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Lavar Ball is pulling LiAngelo Ball out of UCLA for very selfish reasons

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The outspoken Lavar Ball has shaken up the basketball establisment once again.

Unsatisfied with the treament of his son by the UCLA Bruins , the eldest Ball yanked his son out of school less than 2 weeks after the University suspended him indefinitely for his involvement in a shop  lifting incident while the team was in China.

Liangelo Ball was detained by police, and questioned for several hours as the basketball communtity held it’s collective breath.

The international incident was an embarrassment to America, and a massive stain on the Big Baller Brand.

The beef with Trump afterwards only amplified the tension.

Liangelo ball has been forbidden to travel with the team, or suit up for games while the school reviews his long term status.

The circumstance has damaged Liangelo reputation considerably, it also does not help that he is the least talented of the three brothers.

Lavar Ball is putting the future of his two younger sons in jeopardy, especially Liangelo, who is not considered to be an elite level prospect by anyone that scouts for the NBA.

Liangelo’s best bet for success was his education, to graduate from the University of California at Los Angeles with his degree.

But Lavar Ball is totally unconcerned with his son’s future, he is far more preoccupied with monitizing his children for his own selfish agenda.

This was never about his kids, it was always about Lavar Ball, and he proves that fact on a daily basis.

He has all but ruined Lonzo Ball’s rookie season in the NBA, his mouth, and his antics, have created a burden of pressure that young Lonzo won’t possibly be able to live up too.

It’s gotten to the point, that the Los Angeles Lakers have had to ban beat reporters from the family area of Staples Center because they have already grown tired of the negative publicity associated with Lavar Ball’s daily evaluation of the team.

Limelo Ball did not escape the wrath of Monday’s development, a source at UCLA told ESPN that “this is probally the end for the Ball family at UCLA”.

Think about that, because of the father, two young talented boys will be prevented from obtaining a top flight education, and national exposure.

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That makes no sense whatsoever, parents should want the best for their kids, and put the future of their children above a couple bucks, or publicity.

To top it all off, Lavar Ball raked the UCLA brand through the coals with his ridiculous behavior after his son dodged a 10 year stint in prison, beefing with President Trump was less than helpful to the schools public relations department.

Ball continues to ensure that the sports world will automatically root against him, and by extension, his kids.

Nobody likes a loud mouth that does not back it up, and Lavar Ball has sold enough wolf tickets to make Muhammed Ali himself stand up and salute.

Exactly what demographic is Lavar Ball attempting to sell shoes too?

Who will want to be associated with him, or his name?

The Ball brothers are going to stick with pops, he has generated endless amounts of free publicity for all of them, transforming the entire family into pop culture conduits.

It will come with a price however, at some point America is going to stop focusing on Lavar, and start paying more attention to his kids.

Lavar Ball above all believes in his kids, and will ride with them until the end, but he is doing none of them any favors by continuing to make ludicrous decisons that benefit his brand more than his children.

What is Lavar teaching Liangelo by pulling him out of school?

The young man should be punished, he committed a crime abroad, and escaped by the skin of his teeth.

You don’t advance young men by absolving them of accountibility, you must take advantage of teaching moments.

My gosh did Lavar Ball blow a chance to ground his kid, and keep him humble.

Not sure what college program out there will want to deal with all this BS.


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