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Kyrie Irving will never be Kobe Bryant

Courtesy: Wikipedia Commons

The basketball world was rocked to it’s core when Kyrie Irving announced he wanted out of Cleveland.

The trade request on it’s face was dumb, Lebron James is a one way ticket to the NBA Finals, in order to craft a legacy in this league you have to win championships.

Russell Westbrook is an amazing player, but at this rate he will be irrelevant historicallybecause he will never win a title with his style of play, or the cast of characters around him.

A ball dominant high volume shooter has never been the alpha male in the commission of an NBA title, and to make matters worse, Kyrie Irving is an odd duck position wise.

His physical abilities also limit his total impact on the basketball game.

Physically he has no bounce, it would be difficult to slide dimes under his feet when he jumps, the lack of pure athleticism is what separates him rom Kobe Bryant.

Kryie Irving is neither a point guard, nor a shooting guard.

He takes way too many shots to be considered a conventional point guard, and matchup wise is a defensive liability night in and night out.

He does nothing to disrupt the point of attack, so Cleveland is forced to hide him defensively, but he is not a good match up at the 2 guard spot either.

He is much to small to be a shooting guard, and while he is slick, quick, and dangerous off the dribble, he is not a traditional 2 guard.

He would rather control the offense with the dribble than comes off a down screen, that mentality is exactly why it’s difficult to appraise him as a shooting guard.

He is a tweener, and even worse, he didn’t perform that well during the playoffs, or at anytime Lebron James was not in the basketball game going on a year now.

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There was long stretches of time during the playoffs when that Kyrie Irving was benched in favor of the ancient Deron Williams.

Point being, Irving is a fantastic player, but he is not a Mount Rushmore player, he is not an alpha male, he only impacts the game on the offensive end of the floor, and does not really create for his teammates even though he has the ability too.

Teams falling over themselves need to watch the film.

Irving is overrated, he has ice water in his veins, championship experience, and is perhaps the best 1v1 player in the league.

But all of that is in the context of him being a number 2, there is a reason he has so much room to operate.

Anyone that believes he is worth blue chip player, a solid rotation player, and a future first round pick is nuts, and should be fired for even considering it.

You don’t pay top dollar for Robin, you pay it for Batman.


Irving’s treatment of Lebron Jame violated every lockeroom code there is.

It was disrespectful, Irving lost some respect around the league.

Merely wanting to chart your own course is one thing, but he went beyond that.

Not only did he ask to leave a team that has won a ton of games over the last 3 years so he can take more shots, but he threw Lebron’s name in it, made sure the world knew that Lebron James was the reason he was leaving.

He threw Lebron under the bus, he easily could have omitted those personal details, and just asked for the trade.

Irving attempted to pull a Kobe Bryant, he attempted to make management choose between him and Lebron James.

Irving actually believed that because Lebron has not committed to Cleveland, that management would choose him.

That’s delusional, and you get the sense that Kobe Bryant is in his ear, Kobe did exactly this to Shaq,  convinced(after a Finals appearance) the Lakers to ship the Big Disel out of town in 2004.

The metrics, the stats, and the eye test all indicate that Kyrie Irving is a side kick, a high level sidekick, but a sidekick none the less.

His mindset is worrisome, he values individual accolades over potential rings.

On top of that, he is not the type of player that can lead a team to the promised land, but he will expected to be treated like it.

Good luck to whomever mortages the farm for this guy.

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