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SDN Sports meets with the Solar Power Dance Team

From SDN Sports
From SDN Sports

The Connecticut Sun have been constantly credited with providing an incredible atmosphere for the fans that attend the games.

Music, games, and endless amounts of fun for everyone.

At the center of this effort, is the Solar Power Dance team.

An extremely special group of ladies that keep the fans entertained throughout the game.

From the snazzy routines, to the direct interactions with the fans, the Solar Power Dance team bring an undeniable exuberance  to the Connecticut Sun home games.

They are as much a part of the game as the basketball players themselves, and the unassuming nature in which they conduct themselves only adds to the intangible value they bring to the table night in and night out.

The team are much more than dancers, or cheerleaders, they are the backbone of the Connecticut Sun fan experience .

The dance team is lead by captain Rachel Pirie, who coordinates the routines, administrates the ladies, and even finds the time to cultivate the youth dance team that performs at different points of the game.

The amount of work that goes into such an effort is extraordinary, and cannot be discounted, or shortchanged.

Often in sports, fans fail to realize the amount of commitment required to do such a job, and the fact that the Solar Power Dance team performs at such a high level warrants the highest respect from not only this platform, but anyone that attends these game.

SDN Sports had the opportunity to speak with the team, and their captain shortly before the Connecticut Sun confronted the Dallas Wings.

Being around them made this writer a happier person in general, it was difficult not to laugh or smile continually as we went about the pictures and interviews.

From SDN Sports
From SDN Sports

Rachel did a Q and A with SDN Sports after an impromptu photo shoot.

SDN: What are the team’s objectives?

RP: Our main goal is to create a more entertaining experience for everyone. We want to make sure the fans are having fun and we try to get them to cheer on their team too. The girls are their to support and cheer on the team, but also to make sure fans of all ages are having a great time.

SDN: This seems like a good amount of work, and time. What exactly goes into it?

RP: The girls come 2 hours early to a game to have just about 5 min to block their routine on the court. This is always the first time they practice their routine on the court since we practice in a dance studio at Alyson’s school of dance. In that short amount of time they need to adjust spacing to work on the court. The girls have 2 hour practices twice a week.

SDN: As an instructor, how do you feel about this group?

RP: This is the greatest group of girls I could work with. They’re sweet, motivated, and talented. Many have been on the team since I started coaching it 4 years ago so I have a real connection with these girls and think very highly of them. They also have bonded with each other and will be lifelong friends.

Rachel Pirie (SDN Sports)
Rachel Pirie (SDN Sports)

I personally found it incredible that the team achieves such flawless coordination as a group with limited time to prepare.

The director Rachel Pirie is a tremendous leader, and a committed teacher.

She is always smiling, and beloved by everyone in the building.

Both the teams she works with, the ladies, and the children, all seem to reflect a special approach to the art of dance, and the concept of entertainment.

SDN Sports  found all of them to be absolutely glorious, a sparkling collection of talent and happiness.

They love what they do, and that passion inspires the fans, and this writer.

We wish them well.

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