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UFC 229: Yes, the riot was shameful, but Dana White couldn’t buy better advertising

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One of the most pivotal fights in the history of mix martial arts delivered in Las Vegas Saturday night.

The sports biggest star Connor McGregor, challenged lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov in a promotion that almost certainly engendered a million PPV buys.

The animosity between the two men was genuine, and passionate, Connor McGregor’s one man riot at UFC 223 earlier this year took the fight to a different place competitively, and the resulting bon fire captivated fight fans all over the world.

Khabib Nurmagomedov dominated Connor McGregor, he punished him throughout the bout, and choked him out in the 4th round to cement his supremacy over the sport.

There is nothing in combat sports like seeing a fighter embrace his defining moment, rarely do fighters reach the type of pinnacle that Khabib did late last night.

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But it’s equally tragic to watch a fighter throw it all away, and that’s what Khabib did last night when he instigated the biggest post fight riot combat sports has seen been Riddick Bowe/Andrew Golota.

According to the footage that is strewn on twitter, there was no reason for Khabib to jump into the crowd, and endanger not only himself, but all of the citizens that were ringside.

He didn’t only jump into the crowd, he jump kicked into the crowd, and started using his world class skills on civilians, the resulting chaos is one of the biggest black marks in the history of the sport.

Then you had scuffle in the ring, because Connor (as exhausted as he was) wasn’t going to sit there, and let his team be stomped out by his opponent, but before he could act, he was assaulted by Khabib’s team.

Based on the footage, Khabib is guilty of assault, battery, disorderly conduct, menacing, criminal mischief, and host of other charges, he should be charged, and stand trial, and anyone that was hurt as a result of the riot can sue him back to the stone age.

The members of Khabib’s team that attacked the McGregor were arrested, as they should have been, but were released after it was clear McGregor wasn’t going to press charges.

No matter what happens, Khabib should be suspended, you don’t jump into the crowd, you just don’t do that in American sports, furthermore, his ability to access the United States should be under review by the powers that be.

A great fight, and a turning point in the history of the organization is now taking a backseat.

There is upside to all this madness.

Dana White, and the UFC, have a very lucrative rematch on their hands, last night was world class advertising for the company, people will buy the fight in hopes of seeing another riot.

The downside to all of this is the UFC cultivated this type of behavior when they let Connor run wild earlier this year, then rewarded him with a massive contract and a title shot.

If the UFC wants to distinguish itself from the WWE, they have to clean some of this garbage up.


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