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Frank Reich: What the heck was he thinking going for it on 4th down?

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The Indianapolis Colts, and the Houston Texans played of the the ugliest shootouts in NFL history.

The marathon of a football game went into overtime, with Andrew Luck and DeSean Watson trading blows down the stretch.

With 24 seconds left on the clock, the Houston Texans trailed the Indianapolis Colts 33-31, and the Colts were in possession of the football with about 6 yards to go on 4th down.

Indianapolis was in it’s own territory around the 40 yards line.

What took place at this point was unbelievable.

Andrew Luck operated as if he would actually run a play, and ran down the play clock until it’s conclusion which many assumed was by design.

The Colts called a timeout, they didn’t get the offsides call they were seeking, and the football world assumed they would punt the ball away, and rely on their defense.

Instead, Head Coach Frank Reich commands the offense to run a pass play that was broken up by the Texans defense.

The Texans take possession in Colts territory, Desean Watson throws a rope to Deandre Hopkins in the slot for a first down.

The Texans line up the field goal kicker, and escape from Indianapolis with a most improbable victory.

But back to Frank Reich.

What was the logic behind that decision?

The Colts chief essentially handed the game to the Texans on a silver platter.

It’s understood  that a tie is not an attractive bottom line for a coach.

But it’s not as bad as a loss, ties are common in this NFL,  you don’t gamble the entire season without better assurances than that, this was an extremely irrational decision by a very inexperienced head coach.

The announcers couldn’t believe it, twitter couldn’t believe it, very few people could comprehend such a shocking turn of events.

That loss moves the Colts to 1-3, and drops them a step behind the Texans, who finally have a victory as they attempt to make a run at another AFC South title.

You don’t fire a coach for one bad call in September, but the decision is a black mark on his resume, especially if the Colts never recover from it.

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