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Jimmy Butler is causing far more trouble than he is worth

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The Jimmy Butler/Minnesota Timberwolves saga continues to evolve, and as of now, there does not seem to be any viable solutions to the problem.

Not only does Butler want to be traded, but he is conducting a full blown revolution, he won’t be participate in team activities until the team moves him.

This is a colossal distraction, to the team, the coaching staff, the front office, and the fans, the situation is completely unsustainable for Minnesota, they have to move him, or he will continue to destroy the entire season from his crib.

Butler’s beef seems be more about his teammates, as oppose to his paycheck, or the coach, or the general manager etc.

That is a problem that is practically unfixable, getting on the wrong side of your teammates is usually a one way ticket out of town.

In walking on out the team, Butler is disrespecting everyone, but no group more so than his teammates, at this point that crew might not want him to return.

Butler and Wiggins are not getting along, that whole fiasco with Wiggin’s brother made that crystal clear, which makes sense, Wiggins is a younger more talented version of Butler.

Butler wants to be the man, he ate sh/t Chicago in for years under the thumb of Derek Rose, the trade to Minnesota was promoted as his coming out party.

But thats kind of difficult with superstar Karl Anthony Towns roaming the painted area, and Wiggins developing at a slow but steady pace.

Butler seems to be the missing the piece, the type of two way player that could complete the Timberwolves.

The problem is, Butler wants to be the super alpha dog, he would rather average 28 points a game, and lose 40 games, than average 20, and win 60.

He is a selfish basketball player, it’s not about winning for him, that’s why he is down to play for the lowly New York Knicks, or the Nets.

Butler is also not an alpha dog type of player, he is more of a robin than a batman, so not only is he misguided, he is delusional, which is actually worse.

He is not the guy, he is one of the guys.

Then there is the money situation, he is seeking a $190 million dollar extension/contract when he hits free agency next summer!

Butler is an expensive head case, who would want to take on a project like that, especially if he is capable of walking out on a potential playoff team for frivolous reasons?

What Butler is doing right now, is going to hurt him, teams are going to be super cautious about paying a max deal to a burgeoning mid 30s product, that has all kinds of baggage in his trunk.

The Wolves should just let him sit there, and devalue himself, addition by subtraction has always been a viable course of action in the NBA, sometimes talented but troubled players exiting can allow the entire team to breathe, and just play.

Usually, that equates to wins.

If Butler is going to refuse to work, fine, let him rot, and move him before the trade deadline for some young pieces.

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