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Week 3: The top five storylines in the NFL

April 28, 2011: Stage is set for the Draft during the 76th NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, New York. (Cal Sports Media via AP Images)

Greetings, Sports Debate Network would like to introduce a weekly column that will cover the whacky and crazy NFL universe.

The purpose of this publications is to identify the most important stories in pro football week to week.

We hope you enjoy!

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5. Is Patrick Mahomes the new Dan Marino, or a one hit wonder?

Kansas City Chiefs signal caller Patrick Mahomes is statically one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history through 3 weeks as a starter. He is on pace to throw 75 touchdowns conservatively, and that’s not a misprint.

The kid is scorching hot, a 137.4 QB rating, almost 900 yards through the air, and 13 touchdown passes. To date, he is the MVP front runner, and by a mile the best quarterback in the league. It seems unlikely that he will continue at this pace, and the larger questions about what this hot start all means will continue grow.

Is this kid for real? Can keep this up?

Andy Reid is going to keep dialing up the big plays, and showcasing his new stud horse, so we could be looking at record numbers for the kid based on play calling alone, never mind if he continues to be this accurate, and this devastating to NFL defenses.

The kid is monster, a presumed prodigy,  but lets not count our chickens just yet, “lets put away the anointing oil” as Bill Parcells used to say.

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4. The Redskins resurgence

The Washington Redskins have achieved the feat of addition by subtraction. In getting rid of the embarrassingly overrated Kirk Cousins, and focusing on balance as oppose to just offense, the Redskins are quietly one of the most powerful football teams in the league, and a serious threat to do damage in January.

Defense, running the football, these are staples of winning teams, and the formula that allowed the franchise to prosper in the 80’s and early 90’s.

At the center of this revolution, are two veterans with much to prove.

Alex Smith, who might be the most unfairly hated on QB of all time, he been the steady hand the franchise has been craving for years. No redone brain farts, no riverboat gambling behavior with the game on the line, just sound and steady chain moving, Alex Smith looks like a pro bowler, and the offensive line is giving him time.

Adrian Peterson is the true wild card here, can he remain health,  at his advanced age, he has evoked echos of John Riggins, another veteran downhill runner that took the Redskins to glory in 1981, AP has changed the Redskins offense overnight, and given the team the type of clock eating balance that wins championships.

As luck would have it, Washington is 4th in rushing yards per a game at a 137 yards per clip.

The NFC East is weak, the Eagles are still dangerous, but everyone else is some trash, the Redskins offense is built for January, and the defense is scary good.

The Skins defense is allowing 278 yards a game, good enough for second in the NFL including 5th against the pass.

Look out, the Redskins, if healthy, are a serious problem for anyone right now.

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3. The Los Angeles Rams are the best team in football

Former Rams coach Jeff Fisher looks worse and worse every Sunday as his team continues to smoke the NFL.

The Rams are the most complete team in the game, they are miles ahead of the competition.

They are young, well coached, confident, and hungry.

They have elite level talent at all the skilled positions, including Todd Gurley, who is the best running back in the game, Brandin Cooks, is among the more prolific wideouts in the game, and Aaron Donald, who is universally recognized as the best defensive football player alive.

They are 3rd in total offense, if they really opened up, they could easily be #1.

The Ram are loaded on defense, especially in the secondary.

They play in title town, Los Angeles, the Rams could are on track to become Football’s new glamor team, the Golden State Warriors with pads on.

How far has this team come in two years?

They went from the biggest running joke in professional football, to the class of the league, and a threat to win multiple championships in a short span of time.

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2. How bout them Cowboys??

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the worst teams in the league. In all three phases of the game, the Cowboys are failing, they are clearly one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL through 3 weeks.

The problem seems to extend off the field, there is a sense in some NFL circles that team has quit on Jerry Jones, his passive aggressive suggestion that any Cowboy Player who stands for the anthem will be punished, or even released, infected that lockeroom, and created an atmosphere where players no longer play for Jerry Jones.

That has been a hallmark of Jerry’s tenure, his players play for him, they love him the same way they would any head coach, but that all changed with Jerry started pushing the political agenda of this White House.

This has carried over into the season.

The Cowboys looks lifeless, like they are going through the motions, like they don’t believe, and they don’t want to be there.

Not all of them, the defense is ranked 3rd in total yards allowed with only 281 yards surrendered per a game, they are 4th against the pass, and doing the job for the most part, the problem clearly is the offense, and the over regarded Dak Prescott.

The team is built for Zeke, but the quarterback is making the operation almost untenable through 3 weeks.

What Seattle did to the Cowboys yesterday afternoon was a reality check for Cowboy nation.

This team might not win 6 games if they don’t shake up the roster, or make some tactical changes, you have to believe this is the last season for head coach Jason Garrett.

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  1. The Patriots

Here we go again, another rough September for the Patriots, and another set of gloom and doom indictments from NFL pundits, and fans who are itching to see this team fall off.

Not likely, not even with this under talented group.

Despite not being the end of the world, the Patriots franchise as a whole is on the line right now, for football and non football reasons.

The Patriots defensive identity has been reduced to rubble over the last 4 games going back to last year, it could be an issue of talent, it could the circumstances, it could be sitting Malcolm Butler for BS reasons, and then letting him go to another team within the AFC.

All of those reasons are valid, but perhaps Bill Belichick isn’t posing the same problems he used too for opposing coaching staffs.

It’s his scheme, his system, so he should be held accountable for the results, this isn’t an isolated incident.

The Falcons dropped 28 points on the Patriots in one half during the Super Bowl two years ago, Nick Foles looked like Joe Montana last February, Blake Bortles turned in the biggest performance of his life at the expense of this defense, and then yesterday, Matthew Stafford led the DETROIT LIONS to a landmark victory over the Patriots, while slicing them up in front of a nationally televised audience.

Tom Brady can only do so much, at some point, his defense has to get it’s sh/t together, it is what it is.

The offense is not without blame, they are so one dimensional it’s astonishing.

It’s Brady to Gronk or bust.

Now that could all change, a motivated Josh Gordon, and a drug free Julian Endleman could tip the scales for the Patriots, and open up the field for the hall of fame quarterback, until that day arrives however, Josh McDandiels needs to diversify the attack, it looks CRAZY stale right now.

Then there is the issue of all these books, and news reports, and it does not paint a pretty picture of the Patriots camp, it just doesn’t.

Based on the reports, and the product on the field, you get sense the entire team has not forgiven Belichick for sitting Malcolm Butler in last years Super Bowl.

It seems like Belichick is losing his players, there has always been a divide between the Patriots players, and the hoodie, that’s how he likes it.

But this is different, this is a screw you type of divide, and the stories attributed to Brady regarding Belichick are no shock to most people, because you can smell the frustration in New England.

The Patriots will recover, take the AFC East, perhaps get home field, and make another run at a championship, but this season has last dance written all over it.

In a way, this Patriots team is reminiscent of the 1998 Chicago Bulls, a team that was reaching the end of an amazing run, while also being torn apart by inner turmoil, good journalism, and a power hungry jerk running the organization.



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