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Finally: Wilder/Joshua is a massive fight, but somewhat of a mismatch

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It’s official.

Dan Rafael of ESPN is reporting that WBC Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (40-0)will confront WBA/IBF/WBO/IBO heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua(22-0) for the undisputed Heavyweight championship of the world this fall presumably on Showtime PPV and Sky Sports Box Office.

What we have here is the biggest fight in boxing, a global event that capture the imagination of the entire planet.

Canelo/GGG is a walk at the beach compared to this.

It’s the perfect matchup on paper.

The United Kingdom vs the United States.

Anthony Joshua, an Olympic Gold Medalist, the handsome brit, a matinee idol with gloves, perhaps the biggest pure draw the sport has seen since the days of Jack Dempsey.

Joshua has run through the heavyweight division like a freight train, exciting the sport of boxing with spectacular knockouts, and hollywood level charm.

Some have compared him to Joe Louis, but Anthony Joshua is much more than that.

Much bigger, much stronger, and much more popular.

Deontay Wilder on the other hand is the most devastating power puncher the sport has seen since George Foreman.

With his slight frame, and country swagger, Wilder has evoked memories of the great knockout punchers of years past.

Tyson, Lewis, Julian Jackson, the type of knockout power that causes seizures.

Despite taking up the sport of boxing at a very late age, Wilder managed to medal at the Olympics, and knock out 39 of his 40 opponents since he turned pro in 2008.

He is the best American heavyweight prospect in over 30 years, and he is hungry.

Wilder is athletic, long, awkward, and vicious, he lands punches that his opponents don’t see coming, and when he gets you hurt, it’s over.

This is is amazing, what a day for boxing!

This is also a mismatch.

Deontay Wilder is Anthony Joshua’s worst nightmare.

Joshua does not move well on his feet, in some regards he is not very athletic, he lacks flexibility, and the tape indicates he does not know how to fight moving backwards.

There is also the issue of his chin.

Wilder’s strength is AJ’s kryptonite.

Joshua has been knocked down, and buzzed by fighters that didn’t carry fight ending power at the time it took place.

Wilder is a true finisher, the likes of why Joshua has yet to see in the ring.

Wladimir would have stopped Anthony Joshua earlier in this career if he had hurt him like he did last year.

There is not a reasonable boxing mind that truly believes Joshua can avoid Wilder’s fury for 12 rounds, he does not have the style to dance to a decision, and he won’t have the physical advantages to cruise.

Joshua’s stamina has been a big issue, and with a fleet footed heavyweight moving and changing angles on him, it will be near impossible for Joshua to avoid the counter punches that will eventually end the night.

This will be a brutal knockout, not quite Frank Bruno, but Wilder is going to shatter the notion that he is not a legitimate heavyweight champion.

The styles, the timing of where they are in their careers, and just the evasive behavior of Hearn and AJ gives me the sense that AJ was forced into this fight.

He didn’t want it, only when Wilder called his bluff, and the public outcry began, did AJ realize he didn’t have a choice.

You claim to be the heavyweight champio of the world if you won’t fight the best.

This is the most important fight in boxing, it will break records, and bring mainstream interest back into the sport.


Wilder is going to white wash Joshua, and it ain’t going to be pretty.

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