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The OKC Thunder need to consider trading Russell Westbrook

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Russell Westbrook has a serious problem, and unless he addresses it quickly, he will never win an NBA championship.

Westbrook has been a global brand, one of the best basketball players in the world, but he still has yet to attain the type of conduct that could really seperate him from his contemporaries.

Westbrook is box score stuffer, he compiles triple doubles like he is drinking a glass of water, and despite his shortcomings as winner, Westbrook is celebrated for purely individual accomplishments.

If this was golf, or figure skating, Russell Westbrook would be the man, but in a team game like basketball, Westbrook is emotionally incapable of being the  alpha male on a championship team.

He is a Robin, but in reality he is best served as a 3rd option, like Nightwing or something similar.

Westbrook is a ball dominant scoring point guard, his creativity is off the charts, but his mentality on the floor makes it difficult for other elite players to run alongside him.

Westbrook’s style of play creates a chaotic atmosphere in the half court offense, because of his lack of commitment to sets and prolonged screening, it’s impossible to settle into a comfort zone with Westbrook.

Great players have tried and failed, the proof is in the pudding.

Great players have flourished once they didn’t have to deal with Westbrook’s hero ball.

James Harden left the OKC Thunder for the Houston Rockets, and went from a good player to an MVP.

Kevin Durant left the OKC Thunder for the Golden State Warriors, and played the most complete basketball of his career, not to mention he won a championship.

Victor Oladipo(who was average in his time with the Thunder) was traded to the Indiana Pacers by the OKC Thunder, and within a year, established himself as a bonafide superstar, the Indiana product has emerged as one of the best two guards in the NBA.

Those three examples are proof, not opinion, Westbrook is the type of player that holds other guys back, he does not lift them to new heights, and that is his biggest flaw as a basketball player.

All these triple double records, all the stat stuffing, it means jack shit when it comes to winning, Westbrook to his point in his career is a loser, and until he grows up, that is never going to change.

The OKC Thunder have to move him for young assets, draft picks, and focus on the rebuilding the team, and changing the offensive philosophy.

If the front office is content with first round exits every spring, then they don’t have to consider making a change.

But if they want to move the franchise forward, Russell Westbrook has to go.

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