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SDN responds to security breach

From SDN

At some point in the last month, our website was attacked, our system was compromised, and the general function of the family of sites was impacted.

After internal discussion, we have opted to share news of the breach with our users as a matter of transparency.

The attack seemed aimed at our system, and our ability to share content, not the users.

It’s of paramount importance that our users feel safe when visiting one of our websites, and we have buttoned up our security system in wake of the breach, and will be much better prepared for such attacks in the future.

We would like to send a massive thank you to the amazing staff at Go Daddy, who diagnosed this problem, helped us identify the perpetrator, and provided us with enough information to involve state and federal authorities.

During a time of extreme concern as it relates to cyber security, we wanted to be up front with all of you about this event, and our response to it, which was, and will be robust.

Sports Debate Network will now turn over this very disturbed person to law enforcement authorities, and we trust the rule of law will serve us well.

To the person that did this.

We know who you are, we have it on paper, and we will see you prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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