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Is Shohei Ohtani the new Babe Ruth?

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After one week of of circuit play in major league baseball, one irrefutable fact has emerged despite all the prognostications to the contrary.

Shohei Ohtani, designated hitter, and starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels, is by six miles the best baseball player in the world, and could finish as the most gifted athlete the game has ever seen.

I know i know, it’s only been a few games, but the kid is revolutionizing the game, there is no other way to describe it.

He already has had the greatest week by a Major Leaguer ever, and I do mean ever.

Not even Babe Ruth can touch this kid.

Lets start with the pitching.

Through 2 starts, the 23 year old Japanese phenom has thrown 18 strikeouts, has a whip of 0.46, and an overall era of 2.08.

Keep in mind there was no minor league starts(just Spring Training) prior to him taking a major league mound last week, the kid was thrown to the fire, and he put it out with a water hose.

Is he the best pitcher in baseball?

He certainly looked like it yesterday, dancing to 7 perfect innings while also tossing 12 strikeouts in one of the most dominant performances by a rookie in decades.

During one stretch between the first two starts, Shohei Ohtani retired 27 consecutive batters while topping out at 99 on the speed gun.

Beast, a flat out monster, and that’s only half of the story.

Lets talk about the batters box.

He did alright during his first week, Shohei batted .389, with a slugging percentage of . 889, an on base percentage of .421, and an OPS of 1.310.

Oh yeah, he hit 3 bombs, including a 489 foot cracker that was essentially an opposite field homerun the way it came off the bat.

Shohei hits to all fields, he is Ichiro Suzuki on steroids.

Based on the numbers, and the eye test, Shohei is one of the best hitters in baseball, there is not a sweeter stroke in the game right now.

Watching all of this has been unbelievable, I struggled the entire weekend to come up with an athlete in my life time that compares.

He is similar to Babe Ruth, but has more talent believe it or not.

I came up with only one.

Bo Jackson.

Yes, Jackson played two different sports as oppose to two different positions, but the shock and awe of his feats came to mind when i scanned my twitter feed this weekend.

We have never seen an athlete like this guy before, and we might never see it again.

For once, the hype was real, this kid could finish as the best baseball player of his generation, of any generation.

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