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The Cavs have no choice but to trade Lebron James

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are imploding.

The defending Eastern Conference champions are a shell of themselves, a selfish, slow, depreciating basketball team that seemingly has zero hope of escaping this historic funk.

The Cavaliers are the third worst defensive team in basketball, the land surrenders 109.7 points per game, only the Phoneix Suns, Brooklyn Nets, and Chicago bulls play softer defense than the supposed favorite to represent the East in the NBA Finals.

They don’t box out, they don’t close out, and they refuse to commit to help defense, it’s truly pathetic.

The Cavaliers currently sit 7.5 games back of the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference standings, 6.5 games back of the Toronto Raptors, it would be an historic feat to make up that deficit before the end of the regular season.

The team itself is in sociological disarray, they are not playing together, they are pointing fingers, and Lebron James has pretty much decided that he is out at the end of the season.

He is buying houses in Los Angeles, leaking to the media that he would meet with the Golden State Warriors, Lebron is disrespecting the entire ball club, and they in turn have quit on him.

Lebron’s impending defection will again set the franchise back years, who will want to play in Cleveland with no Lebron James?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are on the brink of disaster.

Dan Gilbert and company have no choice but to trade Lebron James before the deadline, especially if this soft brand of basketball continues.

If they don’t Lebron will bounce in free agency, and the Cavaliers will see zero return value on the greatest basketball player of this generation.

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He has got to go, it’s time to start over, this team isn’t winning an NBA championship.

Lebron told reporters last night that he would never waive his no trade clause, which sets up major drama in the land because the best decision for everyone is a pre deadline trade to a serious contender, a trade that will engender young talent, and draft picks.

Lebron James is at risk of looking selfish, it’s absolutely ridiculous that he won’t waive his no trade to help himself, his team, and the city he represents.

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