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Eagles beat up Tom Brady, stun the Patriots to win the Super Bowl

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Fly Eagles Fly.

In one of the most riveting Super Bowls in years, the Philadelphia Eagles overpowered the New EnglandPatriots to win their first ever Super Bowl title.

A watershed moment for one of the NFL’s proudest franchises, the Eagles stunning 41-33 defeat of the New England Patriots will be widely viewed as one of the biggest upsets in NFL history.

But it wasn’t an upset, the Eagles were the better football team.

This Super Bowl championship was supposed to be a crowing moment for a Patriots organization that defined excellence on the football field, a coup de grace that would have been unprecedented in the history of sports.

Instead, the Patriots machine was undone by superior coaching, speed all over the field, and a backup quarterback that went punch for punch with the greatest defensive mind in the history of the NFL.

Nick Foles is the star of this show, seemingly overnight he has gone from a failed project to an elite free agent prospect that is going to command serious value on the open market.

Foles threw for 3 touchdowns against 1 interception, the Arizona product also threw for 373 yards, completing 28 passes on 48 attempts.

The Philadelphia Eagles were the better team on both sides of the ball, but with the injury to superstar Carson Wentz, there was doubts that the overall #1 seed in the NFC would be able to cash in on a dream season that saw the Eagles go 13-3, and secure homefield advantage throughout the playoffs.

Tonight, the Eagles proved they are the undisputed champion of pro football.

With grit, and physical toughness, they exposed the Patriots, and to some degree, the entire AFC.

The Eagles upset victory is a very big deal historically.

It signals the end of the New England Patriots as football’s dominant team, they lack talent on both sides of the ball, they gave up the future of the team in Jimmy Garoppolo for practically nothing, Bill Belichick could easily bounce to another organization considering the ESPN story last month, and Tom Brady is on the wrong side of 40.

Brady played extremely well at times tonight, but the 40 year old man got roughed up by a hungry Eagles pass rush, at his age, he cannot take that type of beating for much longer.

It’s over, the Eagles have ushered in a new era of NFL football, and banished the Patriots to the offseason with questions abound.


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