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The Los Angeles Rams are the team of the future

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The Atlanta Falcons proved  have far too much depth and experience for the Los Angeles Rams to handle Saturday night.

To be fair, the Rams did turn the ball over 3 times in the first half, and seemed incapable of getting their offense going until the waning moments of the first half.

Matt Ryan and the Falcons feasted on turnovers, and amazing field position to knock the Rams of their feet, and never let them up.

Even after the Rams got the offense cracking, the Falcons stayed consistent, Matt Ryan moved the offense up and down the field throughout the ball game, using a slew of weapons that seemed to be hitting their stride as a group.

Ryan did have to deal with a ravenous Aaron Donald(who should now be considered the best defensive player in football) but the Falcon offensive line contained him for enough stretches to allow the offense to operate.

The Los Angeles Rams meanwhile really put up a pathetic performance at home in the playoffs, the team was simply not ready for the stage of the postseason.

The defense was put in the impossible position of having to defend a short field over and over again, and the offense could barely move the ball after leading the entire NFL in points per game during the regular season.

Los Angeles seemed timid, not coached up, there was no urgency in their effort.

The Rams are loaded with talent, but they don’t seem to have a coach in place that can cultivate this apple cart.

The Rams will be considered a threat to win the Super Bowl a year from now, this could be the case for the next couple years.

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