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Alex Smith and the Chiefs choke away a playoff victory

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The Kansas City Chiefs, and their fans, suffered through one of the worst playoff losses in football history Saturday night.

Up 21-3 at halftime, the Chiefs failed to amass 100 yards of total offense during the second half, and were immobilized by a couragous Titans team that snatched their soul in front of the entire country.

The Titans scored 19 unanswered points, and rolled out of Kansas City with an upset victory.

The Kansas City Chiefs inability to throw the ball vertically once again has led the football team to ruin, and at the center of that failure is quarterback Alex Smith, who produced one of the worst second half performances for a quarterback in modern playoff history history.

Questions abound for Kansas City.

Andy Reid has failed to win the big one again, despite a playoff victory a year ago in Houston, the failure of his offenses to produce in the playoffs got a fresh new chapter tonight.

Many will point to the fact that All Pro tight end Travis Kelce was knocked out of the game on an illegal hit shortly before halftime.

Which is true, but you cannot be a team of destiny if the entire offense is built around one player, or if the quarterback is unable to throw the ball downfield.

But it’s not all on the offense.

Where was the Chiefs defense?

They were destroyed in the 2nd half, including a 3rd quarter that was dominated by the Titans.

The Kansas City Chiefs will have to go back to the drawing board as an organization, while moving Alex Smith seems inevitable, perhaps moving on from a coach who cannot deliver at winning time would be a sound decision as well.


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