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Video: Tom Savage twitches on the ground after taking a brutal hit

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Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage appeared to have his career ended on Sunday afternoon.

In a home tilt with the San Francisco 49ers, Savage took a brutal hit deep in the pocket.

Elvis Dumervil planted Savage, landing on Savage’s face with the full weight of his body.

The hit left his entire body twitching as the quarterback went into shock.

Lets go ahead and call it one of the scariest reactions to a hit the NFL has seen in years.

To further complicate the situation, the Houston Texans left him in the game! After appearing to take a life altering hit that left his hands trembling in the air, the Texans left this guy in the football game.

Zero regard for his long term health, at a whopping 4-8, the Texans are much more concerned with winning than the health of their players.

The Houston Texans should be fined a ridiculous amount of money by the league office, there is no excuse for Savage to have continued to play after getting rocked like that.


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