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The Jeter/Yankee connection is raising suspicion after the Stanton trade.

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Giancarlo Stanton is a New York Yankee.

The most awesome power hitter in a decade is joining a team that hit more bombs than anyone in 2017.

In debt and strapped for cash, the Florida Marlins are once again engaging in a shameless fire sale, the organization is seeking minimal return on top flight assets.

They gave away Dee Gordon earlier this week.

Prior to the deal they were seeking to knock $250 million off the books, and they succeeded only assuming $30 million dollars of Stanton’s contract once the trade went through.

We saw this in 1998 after they won their first World Series title, the organization has zero respect for it’s fans, lobbying the city of Miami for stadium money only to auction off all the talent on the baseball team.

The fact that they even committed to that ludicrous $295 million dollar contract is another discussion for another day.

The Marlins are not the issue right now, Derek Jeter is.

Jeter purchased the Marlins in concert with a high profile ownership group a couple months ago.

Jeter owning an MLB team is a dream for the league office, which is why they were so intent on facilitating the sale.

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Lets be real, MLB greased the skids for Jeter to obtain his ownership seat.

Jeter has since the CEO of the Marlins, and has gone about cleaning house, the man has been very true to the Marlin way.

Jeter did attempt to move Stanton to cities that had no appeal to him whatsoever, and then magically cuts a deal with his alma mata the New York Yankees, a deal that is super friendly to the Marlins, and barely hurts the Yankees financially.

This deal stinks to high heaven, you know it, and I know it.

To many things worked out in a short amount of the time, the situation felt scripted.

How long did the league office take to review this trade?

30 seconds?

Because that’s what it felt like.

Now the Yankees are by a mile the most powerful team in baseball, they could run off several championships with these two young studs, and a glorious supporting cast.

The Yankees won’t be able to pay both baseball players, one of them will be out of New York within 3 years, but it will be a sight to behold for however long it lasts.

On paper, they are the best Yankee team in decades, and that includes the teams that Jeter played on.

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The Yankees are set to return to glory, the Marlins have cleared the books, and MLB is going to cash in on serious ratings, and a renewed interest in the sport.

The bash brothers New York is going to be awesome, but there will always be a cloud over this trade.

A legendary New York Yankee, who is now a MLB owner, sold a generational talent(and the current MVP) to the New York Yankees after the league pushed and pushed for him to own the team.

A very shady deal indeed.


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