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Brady and Gronk should be crushed for their behavior Sunday

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The New England Patriots are cruising towards the top seed in the AFC yet again.

They are the class of the NFL, balanced on both sides of the ball,  and Tom Brady is very deserving of his third MVP award.

All is well.

Amid a dominating 23-3 victory over the Buffalo Bills, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski engaged in behavior that should be examined.

Lets start with Gronk.

After Tre-Davious White intercepted an underthrown pass by Tom Brady, Mr. Gronkowski went  bonkers at the referee for not calling pass interference.

Just to be clear, it was a clean play, a fair interception of the football, and a smart play by the athlete to not be a hero, and stay on the ground.

When the referee did not appease the madness of Gronk, something odd and unusual happened.

Gronk approached a defenseless player, who was lying on the ground with his back to him, and speared him(with his forearm) in the back of his head with his full weight behind him.

Such tramua could break the neck of a cornerback that weighs 170 pounds on a good day.

Gronk could have killed him, this was a very serious transgression, a play that could have ruined the entire season for all 32 teams.

The referee’s ambivalence continued after Gronk’s assault, for whatever reason, he did not throw a flag, let alone eject Gronkowski.

Lets go ahead and call it the dirtest play football has seen in years, a humliating decison by Gronkowski, an act that should cost him the rest of the season.

But it won’t, he was given a one game suspension today, which was pretty much a slap in the face to the entire league.

Gronk lost alot of respect on Sunday, he will have to explain his behavior to his teammates let alone his opponents.

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Seems harsh, but the NFL has set the precedent, just ask Vontaze Burfict, who has lost millions because of the way he plays football.

Gronkowski behavior is an affront to his opponents, yet, he has been given a relative pass by the media and the league, the only people really holding him responsible is the players, or former players.

Why is that?

Why is this out of control football player not being reamed this morning?

His behavior is certainly more threatening then kneeling for the anthem.

This is a double standard, and it didn’t stop there.

Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks that ever lived, and has achieved this distinction through excellence on the football field.

Deflated footballs, spygate, the tuck rule, Brady is an all time great no matter what anyone says.

Brady is the  ultimate competitor, he demands the best from his teammates, and himself.

But every so often he runs on the train tracks, at times, his behavior is that of a child.

A selfish child that believes he is bigger than the game.

Lets take yesterday afternoon for example.

Look at this, look how this example to football treats his coach.

Coaches and players beef, it happens all the time, but unless we are going to apply different rules to different players, we have to treat this tantrum for what it is.

It’s disrespectful, there is never a reason to treat your offensive coordinator in that manner, how can the rest of the men respect Josh Mcdaniels if the captain is treating him like he is one of the guys?

This isn’t the first time either.

You can’t have it, its destructive to the infastructure of the football team, and reduces the power of a high ranking assistant to Belichick.

In essence, it screws up the chain of command, and creates more work for the head coach.

The hom hum reaction to Brady’s outburst raised alot of questions around the league.

OBJ off all people addressed the elephant in the room earlier today.

It will be tough for observers to discredit Beckham Jr’s argument, if he or Cam Newton behaved like towards a coach, the reaction would have been totally different.

Beckham did the right thing, he gave Brady his respect , but pointed out the massive double standard at play here.

Gronk and Brady play for America’s team, they are champions,  they are  both pop culture icons, they have things going for them that Beckham and Burdfnct lack.

Despite those accolades, both men deserve to be treated with the same disgust, and the same vitrol, that others players in the NFL experience when they step out of line.

Don’t be hypocrites football fans, both Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski were wrong, and it needs to be called out.

In Gronk’s case, a one game suspension is a joke, a pass, moving the goalpost.

As for Brady, his behavior was well below the standard we come to accept from NFL players, just ask the NFL.

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