UFC 218: Two Superstars were born in Detroit

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UFC 218 in the Motor City, Detroit, Michigan delivered one of the more exciting cards this year. UFC 217 put on the best show of the year and UFC 218 was really an event to truly remember because this card potentially birthed the UFC’s two newest superstars this past Saturday night.

New Heavyweight contender, Francis Ngannu and the defending Featherweight champion, Max Holloway have emerged as potential superstars for the UFC, which they desperately need.


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Onto Francis Ngannu, that man is as scary as a human being can get. His story is inspiring. Born and raised in Cameroon, Africa, he moved to France in hopes of becoming a professional boxer. Being homeless and having no family with him, he found a gym, told the head trainer he wanted to become the next heavyweight champion of boxing and the coach said “boxing isn’t the way to go anymore these days. MMA is where it’s at.” Ngannu accepted the challenge and decided his hand at MMA.

Just so everyone knows, Ngannu has only been fighting for 4 years! The man is a physical specimen we have never seen in MMA history. A naturally gifted athlete with the hardest punching power recorded in the world. The man has to cut weight to meet the 265-pound heavyweight limit for crying out loud. He’s the African Ivan Drago! He fought one of the most decorated heavyweights of all time in Alistair Overeem. Overeem believe it or not looked like Ngannu once upon a time ago, but once drug testing came around, let’s just say he hasn’t looked like his old self physically, but is still a massive human being in his own right and has been a heavyweight title contender in any promotion for almost 20 years and the guy is only 37. This was Ngannu’s biggest test known to date and boy did he pass. Overeem started off as the aggressor which is surprising because as he got older and his chin has been threw the ringer the last few years, he’s been one of the more conservative and patient fighters in the heavyweight division, which is dangerous to think about because he’s such a massive human being with knockout power in his hands and legs. But he started to exchange with Ngannu for a little bit, clinched with him, but when you saw them clinched up you realized that Ngannu was absolutely HUGE side by side with Overeem and Overeem is huge in his own right. It was scary. They got into another exchange in which Overeem left his chin exposed and Ngannu put all his might into a left-handed uppercut from he’l that looked like he took Overeem’s head off his shoulder and Overeem hit the deck sleeping as we witnessed one of the most devastating knockouts ever. Overeem’s soul looked like it left his body and honestly, he shouldn’t fight again after that.

Ngannu proved he is indeed a hype train you can proudly hop on without discussion right now. He’s a legitimate contender for the Heavyweight title and can be the UFC’s Mike Tyson. He can also bring marketing to another level for the UFC expanding their events and sport to Africa as Ngannu has mentioned wanting to do events in Africa and even building MMA gyms in Africa. The man is someone you can get behind not with his fighting, but with him as a person because he is as genuine as it gets. He can make a phenomenal champion, but facing Stipe Miocic next is no cake walk. Miocic can be an all-time great, possibly greatest heavyweight ever if he can continue to win fights, but he hasn’t faced someone quite like Ngannu and vice versa. A barn burner of a fight indeed and Ngannu can be the next megastar of the UFC.

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Then we have Max Holloway. Holloway is the best featherweight in the world and has the potential to be the greatest featherweight ever. He mentally and physically broke the greatest featherweight of all time in Jose Aldo, not once, but TWICE! Not many people can say they beat Aldo in their career, LET ALONE TWICE! Not even Conor McGregor can say that. Holloway beat the greatest ever twice by knockout at that, the only time ever to happen to Aldo.

Holloway is a warrior and is really pushing for the new regime of Hawaiian fighters. BJ Penn throughout his career has been like the Manny Pacquiao for Hawaii. Fighting for his people, becoming a legend for his people and although Hawaii is a state, it’s like a nation of their own. There has yet to be an event over there knowing the fighters that have emerged from there and that is what Holloway is pushing for.

Holloway is marketable, is young, probably not even in his prime as a fighter and has the potential to clean out the division and really cement himself as one of the greatest fighters ever and the featherweight ever. It’s hard not to like the guy because he’s so game for everything no matter who you are and will show up to fight. He’s a beast and now people must take notice.

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