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WATCH: Conor McGregor in a shoving match with ref at Bellator MMA event

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Not too long ago at a Bellator MMA event in Dublin, Ireland, an incident happened after a fight finished that involved UFC superstar Conor McGregor and the referee of the fight, Marc Goddard. McGregor’s teammate, Charlie Ward, knocked out his opponent just before the bell rang and McGregor jumped in the cage to celebrate with Ward. After they were done rolling around on the canvas like they had just won the World Series, ref Marc Goddard stepped in and was furious and looked like he was motioning for help with getting McGregor out of the cage. When McGregor got up, Goddard said some words to him and gave him a shove. That didn’t over well with McGregor so he went after the ref, shoved him, pointed his finger in his face and yelled at him. There is a brief history between these two, but here’s the footage of the altercation first, here’s a look at what happened:


This is indeed a beef and isn’t the 1st time these guys have had an encounter. At a UFC Fight Night event in Poland a few weeks ago, a other one of McGregor’s teammates, Artem Lobov, was fighting and McGregor was cage side yelling instructions at Lobov, which you cannot do if you’re not cornering the fighter. McGregor was simply a paying customer at the time and after Goddard told McGregor to stop multiple times, Goddard had McGregor removed by security. Goddard went onto say McGregor’s behavior was “unprofessional” and that’s how this beef started.

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I can’t imagine that McGregor wouldn’t get some sort of discipline from this, especially for putting his hands on a referee. A while ago, Roy Nelson push kicked referee, Big John McCarthy after he felt that his opponent was done for, but continued to let the fight happen. Nelson got a fine and suspended 9 months and he was actually fighting. McGregor was not, which doesn’t help his case at all.

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