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BREAKING: Texans QB Deshaun Watson tore ACL in practice

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Sad news out of the Houston Texans camp has been revealed of a devastating injury that may destroy the Texans hope for this season. Multiple sources have confirmed that the talented, young rookie quarterback, Deshaun Watson, has torn his ACL in practice… likely meaning his season is over.

This news is beyond devastating for the Houston Texans. They had loss J.J. Watt and Whitney Mercilus for the year already and now a day after the Houston Astros win the World Series, the city of Houston gets the news that their potential franchise quarterback who was on his way to being rookie of the Year and even challenging to become the MVP, is gone for the season.

This is absolute gut shot, a stab in the heart, a low blow to the Houston Texans. Losing 3 of your best defensive players for the year is one thing, but the only guy holding you afloat in Deshaun Watson is now gone for the year as well. ACL injuries are provably the most devastating in the sport because it can be career-altering. Look at Teddy Bridgewater. We don’t of he’ll be able to play football again. Robert Griffin III hasn’t been the same since his. Tom Brady is the only quarterback I’ve seen that’s been able to produce at a high level. Watson is a guy that uses his legs a lot so who knows how much it would change his game when he comes back.

The Texans season is a wash after this injury. He was the only person keeping their heads above water, but don’t expect this team to make any noise now. Tom Savage will take over, who has had his ups and downs as the quarterback in Houston, but he doesn’t bring the impact Watson did. There was a dynamic Watson brought to the team that has everyone playing inspired football, which is why they were able to hold their own so far without Watt, Mercilus and even Brian Cushing (suspension).

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The injury seemed to have been a non-contact injury on a play they were running in practice, which is quite unfortunate. We wish Deshaun Watson a speedy recovery and hope he comes back stronger than ever.

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