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Patrick Beverly destroyed Lonzo Ball and exposed him as a potential all time flop

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After nearly a year of hype and wolf tickets, Los Angeles Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball made his NBA debut last night with the entire country tuned in to see if this kid could live up to his billing.

The expectations were through the roof because of his father Lavar Ball, who has insisted that his kid is the second coming of Michael Jordan.

Typo, scratch that.

Lavar ball has predicted that Ball will be greater than Michael Jordan, sell more shoes, etc.

The Ball family blew off draft workouts, made extravagant claims to media outlets, and continually beefed with current NBA stars including Lebron James.

Oh yeah, the shoes.

The Ball family was so confident(and loud) in Lonzo’s Ball’s abilities that they spurned the offers from nearly every major shoe company, and instead created the Big Baller Brand in which shoes carry a price tag of $500.

Lavar Ball told us he was revolutionizing the industry, that his son was a star, and didn’t want to share profits with shoe companies.

The arrogance of the situation turned most of America off, at some point Lavar Ball became annoying, and a negative story in the game of basketball.

Lonzo Ball for his part has embraced the culture his father has created for him, at no point has he taken a humble approach to his rookie year in the NBA, he carries himself like an NBA superstar already.

After a strong performance in the summer league, the hype went through the roof, Lonzo Ball was incidently setting an unrealistic standard for himself.

His fathers antics only stirred the pot.

On top of all of that, people in the NBA have been itching to get at Lonzo Ball.

They want to beat him up, they wanted to humiliate him, they were determined to bury Lonzo Ball when he arrived on the NBA hardwood.

I have this from sources on the ground

“Niggas want to kill that motherfucker”

In talking so much trash, Lavar Ball has galvanized the NBA against his son.

Last night was the first evidence we saw of it.

3 points, 4 assists?


This was his NBA debut, live on TNT, packed Staples Center, and Lonzo Ball laid an egg for the ages.

No confidence, no arrogance, the presumed superstar had zero belief in himself.

He looked overcome by the moment, to call him soft is a tad unfair, but this writer is running out of adjectives to describe what I saw last night.

Lonzo Ball is under developed basketball wise, its goes beyond being awkward, the kid lacks basic fundementals offensively, his inbetween game is atrocious.

His jumper is suspect, his ability to finish in traffic is up for debate, the kid is limited offensively.

Lonzo Ball is an occasional threat 24 feet from the basket, or 2 feet from the basket, between those two points he is average at best, and that’s not something he will be able to fix overnight.

Ball will have big games offensively if his teammates do, but he will never be an isolation player that the team can work through during tough stretches, that’s not his game.

Magic Johnson had to realize during the debut that he will have to bring in a at least two high volume scorers to put alongside Ball next summer in free agency, this kid can not lift a team to a championship by himself.

Patrick Beverly exposed Lonzo Ball last night, every single hungry point guard in the NBA is going to follow the blueprint.

Get physical with Lonzo for the full 94 feet, run him off the 3 point line, hit him every chance you get, force him to score from mid range, play off him if he gets off to a slow start. 

Lonzo Ball will be a solid NBA player, but his conduct in a loss to the Clippers washes away the notion that he will be a history altering mega star.

That just isn’t happening folks.

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