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Gordon Hayward’s ankle injury might be the most gruesome in sports history

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Minutes into his debut as a Boston Celtic, Gordon Hayward broke his left ankle in the heavily hyped season opening contest between the Boston Celtics, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Lets go ahead and call it one of the worst injuries in the history of sports.

The injury is tragic, not only because Hayward is in his physical prime, but also because Boston had such high hopes for what he could become.

Tonight was every basketball player’s worst nightmare, and it played out on a brightest of stages.

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This injury could threaten Haywards career, and it could not have come at a worst time for the Boston Celtics.

DannyAinge and company bet the house on Hayward, they traded solid components of last year’s squad to open up the door to sign this player, and now he might be out longer than the rest of this season.

This is a total loss for the Celtics, talk of them winning the East is gone, no matter what happens tonight.

Hayward going down cements the Cavaliers as the Eastern Conference champion, and sets the Celtics back years.

It will be difficult to get Kyrie Irving to resign if Hayward does not make a full recovery, and the clock is ticking because Irving is a free agent the summer after next.

A horrible night for Boston, an even worse night for Hayward, a very sad moment in basketball history.

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