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Video: Kyrie Irving’s performance on First Take will anger Lebron James

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Kyrie Irving made a surprise appearance on First Take this morning in wake of his bombshell defection to the Boston Celtics.

After 3 consecutive NBA Finals appearances, Kyrie Irving made the shocking decison to demand a trade, and on top of that, he dissed Lebron James in every way possible before doing so.

First, he made this demand without so much as calling his running mate.

Second, he let it be known to the public that it’s not Cleveland he wants to get away from, it’s Lebron James.

Third, he agrees to be traded to the Cavaliers arch enemy, the Boston Celtics.

That alone, that right there, is enough to ensure that Lebron James is going to want to wreck Kyrie Irving the next time he sees him.

On a personal level, and a basketball level, the  disrespect Kyrie showed Lebron James on his way out of the door is a deeply personal situation.

Lebron lost face, and this is after he carried Kyrie Irving for long stretches of the last 4 years.

Kyrie for his part remained silent at the time, he lost respect around the league from what I understand, but he didn’t amp it, he didn’t go on 60 Mintues.

After Kyrie Irving’s performance today, he will not only be an enemy of Lebron James, he is going to have a difficult time getting people kick it with him.

His demeanor during the entire interview was that of a basketball god, Kyrie    Irving was behaving like he was Lebron James, like he was the reason the Cavaliers have been to the promised land on a yearly basis.

To make matters worse, Kyrie was ducking questions that would force him to man up, and own his actions.

He didn’t want to do that, he wanted to avoid confronting the true cowardice of his behavior and insult Max Kellerman.

Who is Kyrie Irving without Lebron James?

The numbers indicate he is pretty average without the King, as were the Cavaliers.

Look at Irving’s postseason, he was such a liability defensively, so inconsistent offensively, that the Cavaliers moved him down in the rotation, he was benched for long portions of the first round series against the Pacers.

When Lebron sat during the NBA Finals, the Warriors ran wild, where was Kyrie than?

Kyrie Irving wants to be the man, but he already was in Cleveland.

Nobody took more shots than Kyrie Irving last year, so he can cut the BS, this was all about the King and nothing else.

This interview was intended to confuse the public, and show utter contempt for Lebron James.

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Kyrie didn’t directly attack Lebron, but his emotional approach when asked about James spoke 1000 words.

Kyrie Irving’s behavior was oddly similiar to Kobe Bryant’s, a spitting image of the superior intellectual attitude that Kobe Bryant had at this stage of his career.

It’s a well known fact that Kobe Bryant and Kyrie Irving are very close.

Dollars to donuts?

Kobe connected with Kyrie Irving on a very deep level because of his experience with Shaq, and has been in Irving’s ear in regards to this situation.

Just a hunch, but Irving is acting like he is Kobe Bryant.

If only he could play like Kobe Bryant, then that interview this morning would have made much more sense.

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