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Celtics need to capitalize if Cavaliers drama continues

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So, social media and NBA fans altogether went into a frenzy after ESPN insider, Brian Windhorst, reported that Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers has asked for a trade request and already has 4 teams in mind that he would like to be traded to. There is already trade talks surrounding the league. The Cavaliers have been in talks with the New York Knicks and Phoenix Suns. If the Cavs decide to fall through with a Kyrie Irving trade, they want Carmelo Anthony and Eric Bledsoe in return. There were rumors that Kyrie Irving wanted to play with Jimmy Butler, but the Cavaliers were not successful in trade talks. One of the teams Irving is interested in playing for is the Minnesota Timberwolves where Jimmy Butler was traded on draft night. Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins are also pushing the front office to make a run at Irving as well.

LeBron James has been reportedly “blindsided” by the request, but it doesn’t seem that he is going to go all out to convince Irving to stay. Irving might want a change of scenery to be able to be the focal point of an NBA team. Irving was a sight to watch after LeBron’s departure from the Cavs, but he didn’t win games. When LeBron came back, that’s when they started winning games and LeBron became the focal point of the team. Irving is a HUGE reason why the Cavaliers won their 1st ever title in 2016. The guy is a low-key assassin and is as offensively pure as anyone in the league today. That being said, aside from the Golden State Warriors, there is a team that is rubbing their hands together like they just won the Powerball. That team is the Boston Celtics.

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This kind of drama, if true, is something you can’t script if you’re the Boston Celtics. They are built for the future and many have thought that it’s still not time yet for the Celtics to be able to dethrone LeBron James and company right now. If the Cavs lose Kyrie Irving, the Celtics have a legitimate chance to beat the Cavaliers and make it to the Finals. Eric Bledsoe is a nice player, but has a history of injuries and cannot make up for Kyrie Irving and Carmelo Anthony is still a killer offensively, but is a defensive liability and has been habitually a non-passer, granted LeBron will probably be doing most of the feeding of the ball on the team, but we don’t know how this will go down. That Cavaliers bench is old and can’t hang. What happens when they sit the starters? The Golden State Warriors showed what happened in these past Finals and ran the Cavs out of the arena in 5 games.

The Boston Celtics acquired Gordon Hayward, who is a nice All-Star caliber player who can give you 20+ points a night give or take to go along with a stretch 5 in Al Horford, a new-born star in Isaiah Thomas who gave the Celtics nearly 30 points a game last year and the bench is young, fresh, gritty, hustled, a little inexperienced, but talented.

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The Celtics need to capitalize on this situation. If the Cavaliers lose Irving, they lose a closer, an assassin, a game-vhanget, a guy who can lead the offense when LeBron is off the court. They aren’t any younger either. The Celtics are younger, but talented. The team can for sure compete with the Cavaliers if Kyrie Irving is gone.

We don’t know what will happen. We don’t know if Irving truly feels this way or of he even wants to leave, but the Celtics should hope for the worst and hope that the drama in Cleveland continues. Because if one domino falls, all the dominos can fall and that just opens up the window of opportunity for the Celtics.

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