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Look: Sportswriter gets smashed on twitter after he posts a super bigoted tweet

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Terry Frei of the Denver Post caused a national firestorm this weekend when he tweeted that a Japanese man winning the Indianapolis 500 made him “uncomfortable”.

The implication was clear, Mr. Frei believes that the most famous racecar competition in America should only be contested by American drivers.

A Japanese man actually having the temerity to win the race makes this bigoted journalist uneasy.

Mr. Frei was fired from his job after posting his tweet, and it could be difficult for him to find another one.

If he is uncomfortable with a Japanese driver fairly winning one of the most prestigious races in the world, then Mr. Frei does not need to provide public commentary of any kind for quite a while.

Mr. Frei tweeted an apology the next day, but it was too little, too late, and he attempted to justify his ridiculous behavior by blaming it on lingering anger from World War 2, and how it affected his family.

There is much healthier ways to express such sentiments, it’s possible to tell a personal story without being racist, or punishing athletes that have nothing to do with Pearl Harbor, or the Battle of Midway.

Don’t door hit you on the backside Mr. Frie.

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