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Aly Raisman being body shamed at an airport was totally ridiculous

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Olympic Gold Medal champion Aly Raisman was forced to put up with a deplorable situation at an airport earlier this week.

She was sized up and evaluated by two airport employees, including a male employee that made her feel about as uncomfortable as possible.

Aly has recanted the story on twitter blow for blow, and the backlash against the employer of these idiots has begun.

Why is Aly Rasiman being shamed at airports?

She is one of the greatest athletes on the planet right now today, but beyond that, she is a person, with feelings, and sensibilities.

Nobody should be treated like that when they are merely attempting to board a plane.

It’s insane that 2 employees at an airport, are judging the physical appearance of a customer with such disrespect.

It’s incredible.

Ms. Raisman is 1000% correct, what type of a man speaks to a woman this way?

Why not thank Ms. Raisman for representing this country with class and excellence at the Olympics last summer?

The fact that these two individuals did not even recognize her speaks even further to their ignorance.

The man making the statement that “she didn’t look strong enough” should be fired from his job.

That’s  hateful commentary, citizens don’t go to the airport to approached with such disgusting disregard for personal boundaries.

But to the larger question.

Female athletes are athletes, there is no inbetween, but there is men all over the world that constantly poke at the physical appearance of female competitors, you hear similar statements about WNBA players.

Female athletes are threatening to some men, and the question is why?

Misogyny, insecurity, a lack of confidence, failed athletic career,  any man that feels the need to negatively address the physicality of a world class athlete has issues that go far beyond that specific situation.

Aly Raisman is an international superstar, an  important component of this golden generation of American female gymnasts.

Talented, gorgeous, and a surefire bet to win more championships.

She has bigger fish to fry than this man who has such a problem with her biceps.


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