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Seahawks are open for a Richard Sherman deal and Jerry Jones should make an offer

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It’s been reported that the Seattle Seahawks are open to trading their all-pro cornerback and centerpiece to the Legion of Boom secondary, Richard Sherman. This doesn’t entirely come as a surprise because Sherman is going to turn 29 years old and if the Seahawks believe that he might be heading on the decline and are looking to get some value out of him while they still can, then maybe we will see a trade for the pro bowl cornerback soon enough.

Richard Sherman has been one of the best DB’s of the last 3-5 years. He’d l9ck down whichever side he was on and made sure you heard about it. He’s a very talented and intelligent player and has knack for the football and can still go one on one with the best of them.

Now, teams that are hearing that Sherman may possibly be available for a trade are automatically intrigued, BUT whether you’re the right suitor, fit, team to trade for him is the bigger question. Anybody would take Richard Sherman on their team in a heartbeat, but the right deal has to be in place. One team in particular that should not only be interested, but make an actual offer for the DB is the Dallas Cowboys.

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I think Jerry Jones and the Cowboys need to get on the phone and ask Pete Carroll and company, “how much?” The Cowboys haven’t made significant upgrades to their defense this off-season and maybe they have their sights on the draft for now, but they lost pieces in their secondary, specifically the cornerback position, which is now depleted. Brandon Carr went to the Baltimore Ravens and Morris Claiborne went to the New York Jets via free agency. They also lost safety Barry Church to the Jacksonville Jaguars. They have to regroup and do something with that secondary. The only viable options they have currently is Byron Jones and Orlando Scandrick, who has faced injuries lately and also signed Nolan Carroll, who isn’t really an upgrade.

Skip Bayless of Undisputed on FS1, although can be an over-the-top personality at times, brought up the idea of offering up their 1st rounder for Sherman. Even though Skip is a homer when it comes the Cowboys, it makes perfect sense to me for the Cowboys. People will wrote off was Bayless says, but the Cowboys need secondary help and badly especially with the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles, who play the Cowboys twice a year, picked up great wide receivers via free agency. They’re going to have trouble covering Brandon Marshall, Odell Beckham Jr. and Sterling Sheppard when they play the Giants. They’re going to have trouble covering Alshon Jeffrey when they face the Eagles. They have to do something about this problem and offering your 1st rounder straight up for Sherman may not be a bad start. Why not add Darrelle Revis into the mix as well? He might have to switch to safety but they need help in that area.

The idea of the Cowboys trading for Richard Sherman isn’t as crazy as it sounds. I think the Cowboys should absolutely make the phone call to at least inquire about Sherman and possibly work out a deal.

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