Chicago Bears release Jay Cutler; lose their minds agreeing to massive deal with Mike Glennon

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News just broke out that the Chicago Bears finally, after years of misery, released longtime quarterback, Jay Cutler. Cutler was acquired via trade by the Bears way back when from the Denver Broncos in return for Kyle Orton, essentially a QB swap.

The Bears suffered 8 years of mediocrity having only gone to the playoffs once. It was past due Sports Debate Network. They needed to axe him 4 years ago. He wasn’t a productive quarterback and turned over the ball way too much. They were better of without him.

You would think the this would be a happy time for the Bears and their fans to finally start fresh and go in a new direction and possibly draft a keeper and rebuild the franchise and culture, but they would do what head-scratching teams do.

According to reports, the Chicago Bears agreed to sign longtime Tampa Bay Buccaneers backup quarterback, Mike Glennon, to a 3-year, $45 million deal, $19 million guaranteed. He is due $14.5 million a year.

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This contract the Bears have with Mike Glennon is laughable and outrageous. He had a good 2013 campaign, statistically, after they had nobody else to go to and the team being as lackluster as it was. Jameis Winston came along and his hopes of being a starter was diminished. The fact is, Glennon isn’t a proven player. They certainly could have gotten him for cheaper as if he were going to compete for a spot, but this contract is indicating starter money. They could go into the draft and get themselves a quarterback on a rookie contract and develop the talent that way and may luck out with a everyday starter, but Mike Glennon isn’t that guy, not just yet. Again, we can’t tell the future and I might bite my tongue if this actually works out, but this deal makes absolutely no sense. That’s like giving Ryan Fitzpatrick that contract or a Blaine Gabbert or a Brian Hoyer or a Luke McCown. All guys that do well coming in for the #1 QB, but can’t handle being the everyday guy.

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I seriously think the Bears lost their mind making this deal with Glennon, but I must say they should feel a little relieved having Cutler off their hands now, but I don’t see this team getting any better with Mike Glennon.

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