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The unjust firing of a high school coach demonstrates the power of Nick Saban

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The Alabama Crimson Tide remain the kings of college football.

Despite a loss to the Clemson Tigers in this year’s national championship game, the Tide are considered the cream of the crop.

Under Nick Saban, the Tide have won 4 national championships since 2007, and continue to dominate the competition.

The Crimson Tide are the New England Patriots of the college ranks.

That success is built upon two pillars.

Nick Saban, and incredible recruiting.

Over the course of a decade, Alabam has not only outplayed it’s opponents on the field, they have wiped the floor with the rest of the country when it comes to securing prospects.

Alabama is seen as the summit, and spots on the team are coveted.

If a player goes to Alabama to play football, it elevates an entire program, and opens up doors for future athletes to recieve consideration.

This has given Alabama incredible power, and that was on display this week when a high school coach was fired for refusing to allow Alabama coaches on campus

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A pparently, Alabama did something — or many things — to damage the relationship it had with Parkway High School (LA) and coach David Feaster. So Feaster decided to banish the Crimson Tide coaching staff from the school’s campus.

Which, also apparently, was not received well.

Feaster was relieved of his coaching duties, the Shreveport Times reported on Friday, days after he appeared on Baton Rouge radio and said “The only school that can’t come to Parkway is Alabama.”

“There’s a long story behind that,” Feaster said. “It involved [them] not being ethical in recruiting.”

School officials told the paper Feaster was “not the spokesperson of Parkway High School.”

Coach Feaster has taken issue with Alabama recruting practices, specifically, their treatment of a former Parkway quarterback named Brandon Harris. 

Alabama over the years has been hammered for it’s treatment of quarterbacks, and the idea that the Tide will bring in multiple quarterbacks making promises to none of them.

Several quarterbacks have transferred from the University as a result.

Coach Feaster banning Alabama from campus is a personal decision, not a professional one, because the only people it will hurt in the long run are the kids.

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But Alabama’s power over high school football has never been more apparant, a coach who is attempting to protect his kids was fired because he dennounced the Tide in public, and refused to allow Saban to recruit his players.

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