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Nick Saban booting Lane Kiffin from Alabama before the championship game was sour grapes

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Alabama Crimson Tide Head Coach Nick Saban has announced that offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin will be leaving his post to focus his efforts full time on his obligations as the new head coach at FAU.

Lane accepted the head coaching position 2 weeks ago, but it was understood he would finish the season with Tide.

It’s not unusual for an outgoing coordinator to coach out the rest of the season before taking a new post, we see it all the time.

But something else was going on here, it’s abnormal for a sitting offensive coordinator to be removed from the team less than a week before the national championship game.

You got the sense over the last couple of weeks that Nick Saban was not thrilled about Kiffin leaving, and there has been signs that Saban does not totally respect Kiffin.

Last week Kiffin was left behind by the team bus for the second time this season, and we have seen countless images of Saban screaming at Kiffin on the sidelines.

Nobody is doubting Saban’s need to control his ship, but this situation appears to be a case of him going on a power trip, and humliating his highest ranking assistant in front of the players.

The Alabama offense performed poorly in the national semi final against the Washington Huskies, a fact that only made the decision that much easier for Saban who is on a mission to cement his legacy as college football’s greatest coach.

But kicking coaches to the curb in such a public way is going to make Alabama a tough sell for prospective elite level assistants.


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