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Alabama DL Dakota Ball shoots his finger off with a shotgun, will miss Peach Bowl

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The Alabama Crimson Tide will roll into the College Football playoff as the prohibtive favorite to win the national championship.

They are by far the most awesome team in college football, you could fit a battle ship in the battle ship in the space that exist between the Alabama and everyone else.

The Tide will enter the 1st leg of the college football playoff down a man, which won’t make much difference considering the depth Alabama rolls out every contest.

But the circumstances of why Dakota Ball is missing the game are bizzare.


Senior Dakota Ball showed up for Peach Bowl practices down his left index finger after shooting it off by accident with a shotgun. When seen by reporters at Alabama’s Peach Bowl media day with his left hand heavily wrapped, Ball was asked what happened.

“I shot my finger off with a 12-gauge shotgun,” he said, according to “It’s completely gone. I shot it right at the knuckle and blew it off.

I was tying a rope around the barrel and around the stock to keep the shotgun from falling out of my lap,” Ball said. “I was tying rope around the barrel and it just went off. I didn’t have my hand on the trigger.”

Some will see this story, and automatically indict Ball for mishandling a firearm, and perhaps he could have been a bit more responsible, but this is not a case of an athlete wielding a weapon in a night club, or causing chaos in the streets.

This was an unfortunate mistake that took place over the course of doing chores.

Now he will miss the college football playoff, and might never play football again.

Very sad story.

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