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Security guard for the San Diego Chargers caught masterbating during the game?

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A security guard that works for the San Diego Chargers was caught masterbating near the cheerleading team during the game according to reports.

The story is disgusting, and from what we can tell, unprecedented.

The following video is impossible to believe.

It appears this guard is a young man, so perhaps he didn’t understand the risk in behaving this way in public.

The Chargers have announced they will be investigating this lude incident.

From the San Diego Chargers via Deadspin

We are aware of the disturbing actions of an Elite security staff member at Sunday’s game. We apologize to any fans who may have witnessed the incident. Elite

Security is currently investigating the incident and has vowed to take immediate and appropriate action.

No matter what happens, the shame and humiliation that is sure to follow this young man will be punishment enough.

Not sure he keeps his job either.


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